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Welcome to CXG - Customer Experience Group was a synergy of three agencies: Albatross CX, Face2face and Wisely Insights. As the needs of our clients and of our business evolved, we recognized an opportunity to elevate our offering and deliver a more seamless experience and meaningful value. We unified our solutions into one stronger and united proposition. We are not multiple agencies anymore. Today, we are one. Today, we are CXG.

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We are CX transformation partners

CXG offers a powerful, holistic platform that enables premium and luxury brands to transform their experiences for meaningful impact. We believe in partnering with our clients at every and any stage of their CX transformation journey, while providing consulting and actionable advice along the way.

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Deep, effective research enables brands to understand their customers’ expectations, purchasing behaviors, and brand perceptions across all touchpoints. It delivers valued insights by revealing potential gaps and how to bridge them.

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Measuring the customer experience enables brands to understand what is working well and what can be improved. Analyzing feedback from staff and customers provides actionable insights for developing an effective, 360-degree customer experience culture.

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Train, coach and mentor

Great customer experience starts with great employee experience. We partner with premium and luxury brands to design and deliver training, coaching and mentoring to managers and frontline teams, equipping them with the tools and competencies to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Our clients are constantly evolving. Improving and changing their organizations, their strategies, their technologies, their products, their services, their people, in response to their customers’ changing needs. We partner with brands to support these transformations, at any stage of the journey.

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Our latest news and insights

CXG brings together Albatross CX, FACE2FACE and Wisely Insights into one powerful, unified brand

For the past 15 years Customer Experience Group has operated as multiple agencies, As the needs of our clients evolved, we recognized that this approach was not effective.

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The power of coaching and feedback conversations in increasing productivity.

“If you are a manager of people, you are already a coach whether you like it or not. You can do it well or you can do it badly. What you can’t do is avoid it.”

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Why sustainability needs to be at the heart of luxury retail

As consumers across increasingly demand high quality products from purpose-driven, eco-conscious providers, brands that can’t demonstrate a robust, integrated and credible sustainability policy are likely to struggle.

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