Voice of the Team (VoT): Elevate Your EX for Exceptional CX
The experience your customers have is directly linked to your frontline teams’ engagement and performance. That’s why it’s essential to have a Voice of the Team (VoT) program in place!

Give your employees a voice and listen to their feedback to identify opportunities to elevate your CX.


VoT: Your Catalyst for Retail Excellence

Our Voice of the Team (VoT) transcends traditional HR-driven staff engagement surveys; it is crafted specifically for your frontline teams and allows you to identify service perception gaps between your teams and your clients through our Mirror Analysis.

While many brands focus solely on client outcomes, VoT emphasizes the significance of Employee Experience (EX). By listening and valuing the insights from your teams, VoT enables a holistic improvement in CX that resonates with both staff and customers alike.


Our VoT program is not your usual HR-driven staff engagement survey; it’s a retail excellence initiative, designed specifically to engage your frontline teams who interact with your clients daily.


Consistently gauge your frontline teams’ EX with our Voice of the Team program.

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Empowering Your Frontline Teams: Here’s How We Do It!

Our VoT program delves into the specific factors that enable your frontline teams to excel in their roles. It identifies and addresses the root causes behind underperforming key performance indicators (KPIs), offering a strategic approach to improvement. We achieve this through our three-step approach by conducting quantitative research, qualitative research and providing recommendations and guidance for the way forward. Explore our approach below.


Quantitative Research: Online Surveys

Using an online survey to gather critical frontline team feedback and compare it with your client experience performance to identify perception gaps between teams and clients. With guaranteed respondent anonymity, this method acts as a dependable barometer, recommended for annual or bi-annual implementation.


Qualitative Research: Focus Groups

Conducting focus groups to delve deeper into the topics identified in the initial survey to unearth solutions and best practices through collective intelligence. We host these discussions online to facilitate participation and adapt to your teams’ schedules, ensuring confidentiality and building trust in the conversations.


Recommendations and Guidance: Closing the Loop

Addressing the findings and providing key recommendations to improve Employee and Client Experiences through presentations tailored to both global and local levels. Additionally, we ‘Close the Loop’ with your frontline teams by effectively communicating the survey results and subsequent actions.


Unlocking Team Excellence: The Impactful Benefits of VoT

Explore the transformative advantages VoT offers, directly enhancing both employee engagement and customer satisfaction.


Empowerment Through Feedback

​Show your team that their insights are as valued as customer feedback.


Direct Insights for Enhanced CX

​Get direct recommendations from your teams on what can be improved to elevate customer experience


Proactive Feedback Monitoring

​Keep a pulse on responses to new initiatives and policies.


Root Cause Analysis

​Identify and address the underlying factors affecting critical KPIs.


Institutional Learning

​Harness internal best practices to standardize excellence across all client touchpoints.


Increased Staff Retention

​Boost morale and loyalty by demonstrating that your team’s voices matter and lead to real change.


How does VoT differ from typical HR surveys?

Unlike standard HR surveys, our Voice of the Team (VoT) is a Retail Excellence Initiative specifically designed for frontline teams. This targeted approach helps identify and enhance crucial factors that empower advisors to deliver outstanding client experiences and diagnose root causes of underperforming KPIs like cross-selling and data collection.

How can we ensure VOT stands out from traditional Employee Satisfaction Surveys and instead becomes a powerful feedback tool that enhances our Customer Experience?

Our CXG VoT is crafted not just to collect feedback but to focus on gathering best practices that enhance customer experience (CX). This approach allows us to channel all types of feedback into constructive outcomes, helping to continuously improve your CX strategies.

How do we proceed with the feedback gathered through VoT?

Our experts will provide a tailored approach that goes beyond mere data collection. We work with you to develop a concrete action plan based on the feedback. This includes strategizing how to communicate these plans effectively with your teams and implementing them to realize tangible improvements.

Is it necessary to complete all three steps of the VoT methodology?

Completing all three steps of the VoT methodology is highly recommended to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your team’s insights and needs. Skipping steps can result in missing critical information, which may affect the overall effectiveness of the initiative in achieving its goals of enhancing both employee and client experiences.

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