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Our network of Learning Consultants includes experts in retail, development, design, and coaching, collaborating with luxury retail clients worldwide.

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Our learning consultants are highly skilled at what they do. They collaborate with client-facing teams as a transparent and inclusive partner to surpass our clients’ business objectives, leveraging their vast knowledge, expertise and experience to assist brands in achieving CX excellence. Take your expertise to a global platform. Join our network today!


Retail Strategy Consultant

“I’m thrilled to help sales advisors & managers become star hosts. Coaching both the managers alongside advisors, my aim is to train teams on sustaining their best practice in a systematic manner, always aiming for a Return on Experience. ”

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Helene Salvini Fujita Expertise:

Aside from retail coaching, I also work as a retail strategy consultant, supporting brands on practical key retail operations. My own experience working in the Japanese world of luxury retail is the source of my expertise in terms of excellency.  My competencies include:

  • – Languages: French, Japanese, and English
  • – Training, Coaching, and Advising on Retail Sales, Client Service, and Team Management
  • – Creating In-Store Brand Signature Moments
  • – Coaching Manager on How to Create Winning Teams

Transformational Coach

“Mindset is the piece of coaching I love to work with, as the impact is significant and sustainable. I focus on the deeper, next-layer-down issues that leads to deep change. When we do this, your world transforms.”

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Tracy Palmer-Scott Expertise:

I am a ‘success coach’ helping you solve major life and business challenges while offering world-class support and helping clients succeed. My competencies include:

  • – UK and Global Market Expertise Across Various Sectors
  • – Transformational Coaching
  • – Training and Leadership Development
  • – Internationally Recognised Behavioural Change Expert

Senior Retail Training Consultant

“From our CX partners’ eyes, I see myself as a trusted and valued advisor to their Leadership Team and their business. From ordinary to extraordinary, I believe the work we do reflects CXG’s deepest commitment to bring the most meaningful customer experience to LIVE.”

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Sammi Li Expertise:

To bridge the gap from knowing to doing, I create, design, and deliver integrated training strategies to elevate and transform luxury brands’ CX journey, globally. My competencies include:

  • – Brand Identity Building & Customer Experience (CX) Design
  • – Chinese Luxury Consumer and China Market Insights
  • – Retail Excellence Training & Coaching
  • – Store Health/Performance Audit
  • – Creative Thinking: Conceptual and Analytical
  • – Languages: Mandarin, English, and French


Empowering Luxury Retail with Expert Consultants

Our global network of Learning Consultants comprises experts in retail, learning and development, experience design, as well as facilitators, coaches, and consultants. They work with luxury retail clients, receive mentorship and apprenticeships, and collaborate with a global team of high-achieving professionals.


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