Customer Experience Evaluation (CXE): It’s What We’re Known For.
And no one does it like us.

Forget mystery shopping. The CXE program is your gateway to uncovering hidden opportunities, providing actionable insights that pave the way for a truly customer-centric culture. With us, you’ll discover the untapped potential of your brand to deliver extraordinary experiences at every customer touchpoint.


A Deep Dive into CXE

You’ve invested in developing unique customer experiences and in training your client-facing teams. It’s now time to measure effectiveness and if the desired customer experience is being delivered to create the conversion and loyalty you’re aiming for.

Our Customer Experience Evaluation (CXE) Program is not just another mystery shopping initiative; it’s an evolved, nuanced approach specially designed for premium and luxury brands. Rather than a rudimentary check-box exercise, we delve into the depth of customer emotions, understanding their journey with your brand.

In today’s world where luxury is not just a product but an experience, understanding the emotions and sentiments of customers is paramount.


Our CXE Program is designed to help elevate the experiences being delivered to your customers.

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Take a closer look at how our CXE program works. 

With the CXE program, you’ll gain insights into areas where your brand may be missing opportunities to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

Our Unique Customer Experience KPIs

Drawing on 18 years of specialized experience with over 230 luxury brands, our approach to customer experience stands out in its uniqueness—copyrighted for its innovation. Our methodology delves deep into the luxury sector’s nuances, going beyond mere compliance for a transformative journey through five key moments. We aren’t here to reprimand your staff, but instead to use discerning KPIs that foster a client-centric culture and turn every interaction into an opportunity for excellence.

Your CXE Benchmark: Peer Comparison, Revealed

As part of our core offering, we provide your brand with a comprehensive benchmark that measures Customer Experience (CX) against industry standards and peer performance.

As a luxury brand, you strive to be the best in class and must know where you stand against your peers. With us, you can do that! We help you become the ‘crème de la crème’ through a real-time understanding of your current ranking on the benchmark, and monitor your progress over time.

We provide your brand with a benchmark of key dimensions of CX that enables you to understand your position relative to competitors in your sector, specific geographies, and more. For brands seeking a competitive edge, we offer tailored studies to assess both direct and secondary competitors, ensuring a complete picture of where your brand stands and how you can further achieve CX excellence.

Benchmark Across…



​From fashion and cosmetics to watches and jewlery, gain granular insights by benchmarking against peers within your specific sector to see how you compare within your industry.



​Consider geographical nuances in scoring, recognizing that customer ratings can vary significantly between markets like the US and France, and down to certain key retail cities or shopping destinations.



​Evaluate your brand’s standing and appeal across different market segments, whether high luxury, accessible luxury or premium.


Track Progress Over Time

​Monitor your brand’s performance consistently to track improvements and progress over time.


Identify missed opportunities and best practices with our CXE Program

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Our Unique Approach


Real Clients, Real Feedback

Our Evaluators aren’t just any shoppers; they’re part of the exclusive CXG Client-Evaluator community, representing affluent and luxury clients who understand the essence of luxury. Their feedback isn’t generic; it’s from those who truly resonate with your brand’s ethos.​


Emotions Over Mere Compliance

While most mystery shopping programs focus on ticking off a list, the CXE program emphasizes on the feelings of customers. How do they feel when interacting with your advisors? What emotions does your brand evoke? These insights truly make you client-centric.


​Omnichannel Evaluation

We understand that luxury experiences aren’t limited to in-store visits. Our evaluations span across every individual touchpoint – be it your physical store, call centers, or online platforms; or across your multi-touchpoint journey. This comprehensive approach ensures a 360-degree feedback mechanism for your brand.

Meet Our Client Evaluators

As luxury sector experts, we partner with luxury customers to gather CX insights through store visits, omnichannel journey assessments, research studies, and more CX data and insights collection initiatives. Our Client Evaluators are the invaluable voices behind our customer insights and VoC programs.



Affluent Client Evaluators


Premium & Luxury Brands


Years of Luxury CX Data History

Meet Our Experts


Clement Barthelemy

EVP Measurement Paris Office


Polina Sallee

Head of Sustainability London Office


Thibaut Fromageau

Chief Customer Officer Dubai Office


Pieter Honig

VP of Data Science Dubai Office


Cindy Zhang

Regional VP Mainland China Shanghai Office


Jean Batiste Calais

Regional VP SEA and Oceania Singapore Office


Marie Dubiez

Regional VP Europe Paris Office


Renata Hamou

Global Head of Customer Success Performance Paris Office


Alastair Tocher

Regional VP MEIA Dubai Office


Dabei Lu

Senior Customer Success Manager Hong Kong Office


Yujung Kim

Regional VP South Korea Seoul Office


Yuki Ichinohe

Regional VP Japan Tokyo Office


Jean-Baptiste Calais

Regional VP SEA & Oceania Singapore Office


Richard Spieth

Regional VP Americas New York Office

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