Are you in China? We are too!
Meet some of our Evaluator based in China. We partner with luxury customers for all Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer insights initiatives. Watch the video to get to know them better.
Meet Some of Our Evaluators
We partner with luxury customers for all Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer insights initiatives. Watch the video to get to know them better.

Become a CX evaluator for iconic premium and luxury brands.

If you have a close relationship with premium and luxury brands, you’re just our type. Your feedback is valuable to us!

We believe luxury customers can have a meaningful impact on retail experiences.​ Our Evaluators do just that. As a CXG Evaluator, you conduct discreet evaluations of your favorite luxury brands in markets such as cosmetics, fashion, jewellery, watches or even luxury cars! You’ll choose assignments to perform in-store or online (or sometimes both) and provide feedback on your experience. Our Evaluators’ input is valuably used to improve customer experiences and can help shape a brand’s strategy.​

Are you passionate about customer experience, curious, sensitive to service and have great observation skills? Are you excited to shop high-end brands and be rewarded for it? Does trying a luxury sports car or a luxury hotel experience excite you?  Hit the “become an evaluator” button and join our community today!


Experience, feedback, impact​: Why become an evaluator?


Make an impact

​Influence brand strategies through your detailed feedback. Your voice is valued and matters.


Join a worldwide community

​Work alongside our global community of Evaluators​.


Become a connoisseur of luxury

​Sharpen your observation skills and knowledge of the luxury industry.​


Discover new brands

​Work with diverse brands in luxury markets such as fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, watches, cars and more.


Get rewarded

​From complimentary brand products to unique experiences or contributions to charity.

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What are the steps to becoming an evaluator?


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Get rewarded. Hooray!

Frequently asked questions about evaluators

What is a customer experience evaluator?

A customer experience evaluator is an independent contractor who acts as a regular client to evaluate the customer experience of different brands. As an evaluator, you visit cosmetic counters, retail stores, restaurants and hotels, as well as making phone calls and web-based inquiries, and share your experience with us by providing your objective feedback.

Each project is different because our clients all have different business needs, and we tailor our solutions to meet them. When given a specific assignment, an evaluator receives a briefing on project objectives, including any special requirements from the luxury brand we represent.

What are the requirements to be an evaluator?

To become an evaluator:

  1. You must be 18 years or older (21 years or older in the United States).
  2. You should not be contractually engaged with any retail brands, to guarantee your integrity.

To be a great evaluator, you should be observant, passionate about customer experience and eager to learn. We are here to listen to what you have to say. To sign up and see available assignments, simply complete the online registration process and agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We look forward to getting to know you.

What kind of assignments do you offer?

The types of assignments we offer are as varied as our luxury clients and industries. Typical examples include visiting a store, returning a purchase, buying a product online, and making an appointment with a store.

On our platform, you will see the available assignments available in your area that fit your profile. We work with premium and luxury brands across various sectors including fashion, high-end jewellery, cosmetics, luxury watches and more.

How am I compensated for the time spent to complete a CX evaluation?

While many of our assignments offer monetary compensation, we have an increasing number of opportunities where the brand selects a product for you to keep or a predefined allowance to spend in the store.

Other assignments are rewarded with exclusive products, gifts or experiences from the brand. For example, how about a luxury sports car test drive or an amazing skincare session from one of your favourite brands?

Check the compensation offers for each opportunity and contact your dedicated coordinator with any questions.

Note that compensation depends on fulfilling the mission and presenting supporting documents, where required. Terms and conditions apply.

What are the steps after I sign up?

Simply complete these few simple steps to become an evaluator with us:

  1. Fill in your contact information on the sign-up form. You’ll then receive an email with your credentials.
  2. Log into our platform and tell us more about yourself. Once this is done, our team will verify your profile and contact you.
  3. Then it’s time to check the ‘welcome package’ and pass the general certification.
  4. You’re now ready! You are now available for assignments and can browse and apply for any opportunities that interest you.

Access your evaluator portal on desktop or on mobile!

To improve evaluators’ experiences, we have completely redesigned our mobile application. Evaluators can now search and apply for missions, take certifications, submit surveys, and much more, all on the go!


Hear directly from our Evaluators about what it’s like working with us.



Over the years, I’ve worked with really great people at CXG, who make these experiences even better!


My comments have been presented to my favourite brands at a high level. I feel very fortunate to be heard and represented so professionally.


I never imagined how enriching these missions could be. I absolutely love it! There is so much to learn from the luxury world, including new skills for myself.


I’ve had some really special rewards for working with CXG. The best one is to know that what I think matters.​


It’s so exciting to discover new brands as CXG grows. I’ve discovered new favourite brands and become a savvy customer too!

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