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Our Four CX-Focused Practices

Customer Insights

Focus Groups, Market Trends, Customer Purchase Journey, Brand Assessment, Pricing Strategy and more

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CX Measurement

Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Team (VoT), NPS Surveys, Benchmarking, Omnichannel Journeys and more

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Training, Coaching, Omnichannel Expertise, Driving Mindset, Behavioural and Management Changes, CX Signatures and more

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Consulting and Transformation

Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX), Strategies, Journey Design and more

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CX is an ecosystem. For CX to work everything must work together

Explore all the elements for a complete successful CX transformation.

Experience transformation is holistic. Your off-stage strategies, processes, values and insights must flow through into meaningful, multi-channel experiences that delight your customers.

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People & Partnerships

Focus on relationships, experiences, and human connections.

Experience transformation is about being relevant and impactful in the hearts and minds of your customers. It is about delivering effortless and satisfying experiences, consistently, through motivated and engaged teams, supported by tailored coaching and training.

Focus on relationships, not transactions. Experiences, not products. Build organizational structures that facilitate cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing, while leveraging the power of tech to enable better, informed and more human connections.

Vision & Strategy

Don’t just think about your customers, you need to think like your customers.

In order to develop an effective CX transformation plan, it is essential to have a clear vision of the ideal CX future state that employees can commit to and engage with.

A strong CX vision provides context and direction, while also inspiring and exciting both customers and colleagues. It guides how the CX plan is brought to life on-stage and off-stage, helping you to prioritise and align investments, develop tactics and define a strategy to achieve it.

Data & Technology

Your ability to transform experiences is defined by the quality of the data on your customers and employees

Data provides more knowledge about behavior, experience, and business performance. Combined with customer feedback and sentiment, this information is the foundation for improvement.

It’s essential to create a technical infrastructure that supports cross-functional operations and journey-focused CX management. Omnichannel and single touchpoint technology solutions are a key focus, whether they are engaging buyers online through e-commerce platforms, fostering seamless in-person customer encounters in store, or integrating online and offline brand experiences.

Brand & Culture

Employee experience and organizational culture drive customer experience.

Transforming customer experience therefore means transforming employee experience as well. Does the current culture support or damage the delivery of your brand experience?

Think about how you want your customers to feel, and create an internal culture around the same values. What are the key messages you want your employees to communicate about your brand? And how can you create an environment that supports them in delivering those messages?

Organisation & Operations

Customer experience is a competence, not a function.

In transforming experiences, the aim is to engage ever more seamlessly with your customers. Your organization and operations need to be designed in a way that facilitates a smooth, consistent and joined-up-omnichannel experience.

Think about what is having the greatest impact on your customer experience today. What needs to be done to simplify and change it? New off-stage processes and procedures should be created to drive collaboration and work across functional groups to deliver impactful client experiences.

Leadership & Governance

Leading customer experience and employee experience is a C-suite activity.

It’s vital to consider what customer-centric mindset is needed to impact your on-stage customer experiences, and what needs to be done ‘off-stage’ to orchestrate the transformation.

Getting this right means truly understanding your customers’ needs; having a clear vision of your CX vision and communicating it clearly and convincingly; bringing your CX strategies to life; and monitoring – and learning from – your performance. Sustainable transformation also needs a clear governance system for regular review, alignment and decision making.

The Omnichannel Promise

Have you harmonised your customer-centric retail brand experience? Are all your touchpoints aligned?

Customers are more connected than ever before, interacting with brands across multiple channels every day. Whether shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in a traditional store, they want to interact though the channel that’s convenient to them at that moment.

It’s the customer, not the channel, who should be at the centre of the experience. How seamless is their experience as they go from one channel to another? How are you removing the friction as they move between different touchpoints?

Transforming Experiences

Understanding, evaluating and anticipating the needs of your customers must be your priority.

Transforming experiences requires rigour and alignment across your entire organisation. For customer experience to work, it all has to work.

Helping everyone in your organisation to understand and acknowledge this allows you to drive a customer-centric strategy; an impactful leadership experience; an engaged and motivated employee experience; and a powerfully sustainable, impactful and profitable customer experience.

More than 15 years of experience in premium and luxury

Having worked with over 200 premium and luxury brands in the past 15 years, we pride ourselves on being real experts of affluent customers behavior and insights. We partner with proactive and dynamic brands across our core sectors: fashion, cosmetics, watches, and jewelry. We also have a growing presence in the automotive, hospitality and lifestyle sectors.






Some brands we work with


Despite our complexity, CXG had a perfect knowledge of our brand’s DNA. They were able to understand deeply how important customer experience has been always important for us since the beginning of the Maison. They have demonstrated continuous collaboration and partnership. Their inputs have been impactful and pushed us to go even further in this period of extensive transformation that is happening in retail today.

Stephan Borczuch, International Retail Training Director, Berluti


The reports are very well done and give us a very clear understanding of where we are and what we need to do next.

Laura Broughton, Head of Global Training, Bally


We have been involved in the process to create a new strategy that works for where we are in our brand journey. There is a genuine interest in a collaborative process and constant improvement from the CXG side.

Paula Bricks, COS


Our partnership with CXG has helped us take our client experience to the next level. They’ve helped us identify opportunities in the way we engage our guests and clients, including how we could better cater to Gen Z: Simple design, great content and clear takeaways. This is exactly what we needed!

Head of Retail Excellence, IWC


L’Oréal’s partnership with CXG has enabled us to conduct experience measurement, focus group and market benchmarking research effectively and efficiently over the last five years. Thanks to CXG, we have worked hand-in-hand to conduct over 37,000 surveys and research studies. These have resulted in world-class findings to help our brands to constantly improve their customer experience systems and skillsets.

Patrick Liew

De Beers
salvatore ferragamo