We’ve upgraded the user experience of our evaluator’s portal


Last year, we rebranded to CXG, which hallmarked a proud, new era; the CXG era.

The second phase consisted of a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure that all our assets were up to our new CXG standard and to provide an experience that allows our community to thrive – which includes our clients, partners, and valued Evaluators. 

Accessible worldwide, our Evaluators portal is a vital tool used daily by our evaluators. Therefore we worked relentlessly over the past year to upgrade the UX and rebuild the brand to complement. 

We were committed to making the switch seamless, but like with many things, with change comes chaos – but the aftermath is almost always worth it! Proudly presenting a new dashboard, job map, and more, a better experience awaits our Evaluators on www.live.cxg.com

A few things we’ve upgraded in the process: 

  • URL redirections: previously known as “Albatross Online,” the new portal is now called: CXG Live. If our users stumble across the old URL (albatrossonline.com), they will automatically be redirected to live.cxg.com
  •  All user credentials remain: former login details, including the username and password to access the portal, will stay the same for all users.
  • Updated profiles: taking only a minute, we kindly ask our users to fulfill an important task: update their profile information completely. The prompt will flag as soon as users login to CXG Live for the first time, and if the profile is not 100% completed, access to the full functionalities of the platform will not be possible.

We sincerely hope that our hard work leads to a much better experience, and we continue to provide our users with exceptional tools and insights. 

If you have any feedback, do not hesitate to contact us at cxg.live@cxg.com

Together we grow! 

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