Isabelle Damour as New Executive Vice President of Academy


09/01/2023 – CXG (Customer Experience Group), announced today the newly appointed Executive Vice President of the Academy, Isabelle Damour. The Academy is the training and coaching practice at CXG.

Isabelle Damour brings 25 years of retail and omnichannel industry experience, focused on fashion and premium brands. Prior to joining CXG in 2019, Isabelle hailed from an international background, holding various global sales positions, in both wholesale and retail, and then played an integral role in brand transformation and the establishment of a Customer Experience Academy for Lacoste.  

The Role of the CXG Academy is to help client-facing teams adapt to the fast-moving consumer landscape and prepare them for the ever-evolving environment. As we train and coach these teams, we not only enable them to evolve within their roles but also present them with the opportunity to evoke passion and emotion that translates into the customer journey.” says Damour. 

At the Academy, we partner with premium and luxury brands throughout all stages as we craft client-centric learning journeys. Our 50+ customer experience consultants have created 100+ programs, trained 50,000+ people and impacted 200+ luxury brands. Through an innovative and blended approach, we partner with brands to close all gaps throughout five integral learning stages: 

  1. Assessing on-stage and off-stage customer experience (CX) through in-store health audits, people assessment, and revision of existing brand materials. 
  2. Designing a CX signature that is coherent across key touchpoints and geographies.  
  3. Activating and leveraging insights derived from our Measurement practice.  
  4. Training client-facing teams through programs that initiate mindset change. 
  5. Coaching to anchor CX changes and ensure long-term results.  

“Working in harmony with all CXG’s practices, and in particular the measurement practice, is one of the Academy’s main strengths. Our objective is to turn insights into actions and support our clients as they go from being problem-finders to problem-solvers.” says Damour. 

“I am eager to lead the next growth chapter for the Academy at CXG, and I look forward to capitalizing on the Academy’s global reach.” says Damour and adds, “Today, we are proud to have strong local presence in Europe, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. In 2023, while we dedicate our efforts towards expanding in the Americas, we will also focus on China’s market re-emergence post-COVID.” 

About the Customer Experience Group

CXG is a customer experience company offering strategic consulting and solutions that help transform the experiences of premium and luxury brands for meaningful impact. Having worked with over 200 iconic brands from multiple industries, CXG’s team are seasoned experts in the premium and luxury market. 

CXG partners with premium and luxury brands at every stage of their CX transformation, providing insights and driving change, by offering an end-to-end CX transformation framework through their 4 practices: Customer Insights, Measurement, Academy and Consulting & Transformation. 

Founded in China in 2006, CXG is very proud to be a global business today. From Shanghai to Paris, CXG has 12 offices, operates across 70 countries, and is home to over 200 professionals from around the world. Learn more about CXG by visiting 

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