CXG Event- Decoding China in 2023: Gen Z, Omnichannel, and Travel Shaping China’s Market Landscape


On the 6th of July, 2023, we successfully hosted an industry-shaping event titled “Decoding China 2023.” Taking place simultaneously at the PuLi Hotel in Shanghai and Hotel Le Marois in Paris, the event convened representatives from over 30 luxury brands, including Arc’teryx, Balenciaga, Breitling, Celine, Chaumet, IWC, L’Oreal, LVMH Group, and Kering.

The event delved into a profound analysis of the Chinese luxury market and was led by members of our CXG leadership team. In Paris, the event began with a word from Christophe Cais, (CEO, CXG), followed by a presentation from Thibaut Formageau (CCO, CXG), and Clement Barthelemy, (EVP of Measurement, CXG). Cindy Zhang, (VP, CXG Greater China) led the event in Shanghai.

The Chinese luxury market, growing rapidly in recent years, has emerged as a global heavyweight, with Gen Z becoming a key consumer force. The presentation explored the development trends of this market segment, highlighting how digital innovation and physical retail contribute to an integrated omnichannel approach. The team also shared insights into the influence of borders reopening on the domestic luxury market, showing mainland China, Hong Kong, and Hainan continue to be Chinese consumers’ preferred shopping destinations, even surpassing Europe.

Key topics explored during the event included brand positioning and differentiation, connecting emotionally with consumers, omnichannel integration, and developing insight into emerging markets. The team urged brands to remain open and adaptive, actively encouraging in-depth communication and exchanges with industry partners, consumers, and influencers.

The discussions also emphasized the significance of physical retail in an increasingly digital landscape, as Chinese luxury consumers continue to value in-person shopping experiences. The event underscored the shifting shopping trends with the reopening of borders, noting that mainland China, Hong Kong, and Hainan remain the preferred shopping destinations for Chinese consumers, even over Europe.

“‘Decoding China in 2023’ not only offered deep insights but also sparked lively discussions about the future of the luxury industry in China,” said Christophe Cais, (CEO, CXG). “This market, rich with opportunities and challenges, is awaiting visionary brands to pioneer and add even more to the existing value. As a trusted partner, CXG will continue to guide luxury brands navigating this complex and sophisticated ecosystem.”

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