VoC Program Design
Is Your VoC Strategy Stuck in the Past?​ Revamp Your Program to Drive Better Customer and Employee Experiences​.

VoC Readiness: Is Your Luxury Brand’s VoC Program Designed to Drive Business Performance?

Relying on over 18 years of VoC data through our work with more than 230 luxury brands, we help you tailor a VoC program that resonates with your brand and yields quantifiable results. Together, we refine vital program aspects to ensure objectives are transparent, the mission is well understood, and data collection methods are optimal for both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX).

​We strongly believe in fostering an internal culture of continuous improvement and mindset change, by enhancing employee engagement through a robust program ethos and clearly defined responsibilities. This comprehensive approach is designed to ultimately achieve sustainable growth through meticulous program implementation and consistent monitoring.

VoC Challenges in the Luxury Landscape​

Achieving exceptional customer experience (CX) is an evolving journey, not a fixed destination. In our work, we’ve observed many clients facing challenges with their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. Here are some frequent challenges and questions that surface in our conversations:


VoC Performance

What do we do when our VoC doesn’t drive the desired results? How do we ensure it resonates with our brand’s vision?

Governance Challenges

How should we tackle governance for our multiregional, omnichannel business? Which department is best equipped to lead this initiative and unite our efforts?

Data Collection Metrics

Are our current metrics truly reflecting our clients’ and employees’ experiences? Are we using the right mix of metrics to monitor our performance?

Engagement & Motivation

How do we secure C-level backing for our VoC program and foster a culture of engagement? What can we do to motivate our teams to fully embrace and participate in our VoC efforts?

Activation & Results

How do we activate the insights gathered from our VoC to deliver tangible results? What steps can we take to ensure these insights lead to meaningful change?


Design a VoC Program that aligns with your brand strategy.

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Benefits of a Well-Designed VoC Program

Whether you’re starting a new VoC program or reevaluating your existing one, examining your VoC program can help you ensure your program aligns with your brand’s and business performance objectives.​ Discover the benefits of revamping your VoC program below.



​Strengthen the alignment between your brand strategy and your VoC program.​


Realistic Objectives

​Design a VoC Program based on achievable customer experience (CX) objectives, customized for your brand.


Streamlined Governance

​Establish clear program governance with increased accountability for those involved in the VoC program.


The Right Metrics

​Choose the right customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) metrics to track. ​


Actionable Insights

​Transform customer experience insights into actionable steps that can be implemented at the store, market, and corporate level.


Accurate Monitoring

​Continuously monitor the impact of the actions you take to improve customer and employee experiences.

Our VoC Design Framework

Within our framework, we work on five key stages to help create or redesign a VoC Program that aligns with your brand strategy while setting realistic CX objectives that resonate with the program’s direction. Discover our framework below:

Vision & Ambition

Challenge: Do you have a clearly defined CX ambition for your VoC Program and is it aligned with your brand’s strategy?​

Action Plan & Outcome: Articulate a clear CX ambition for your VoC program.

Goals & Identity

Challenge: Are your program goals realistic for your teams? Are the culture and identity of your program positive and strong enough for the teams to embrace it?​

Action Plan & Outcome: Set achievable VoC program goals and establish a strong program identity.

Organization & Governance

Challenge: Is there a team dedicated to drive the VoC Program? Do the accountable teams across all the organization in various regions and departments have clear ownership of the VoC program?​

Action Plan & Outcome: Define a governance structure and build an operating model with clear accountability for all teams.

Scope and Data Analysis

Challenge: Are the data sets in your VoC program optimized and representative of your business’s customer journey? Are you monitoring the right customer experience metrics to gain meaningful insights?

​Action Plan & Outcome: Design a data collection plan to measure the right CX metrics.

Data Activation

Challenge: Can you translate CX insights into actionable steps at all levels of the organization including store, market, and corporate levels?​

Action Plan & Outcome: Implement a program activation plan that transforms data into actionable steps with measurable success metrics at every organizational level, focusing particularly on frontline teams who are essential for customer experience, utilizing activation workshops and other strategies.

Transform theory into impactful practice with our Activation Workshops.


Does a VoC Strategy project work for a brand that just started their CX journey?​

Absolutely! Our program is designed to work at any CX maturity level. We’ll assess your specific needs, whether you’re launching a new VoC program or revamping an existing one. We can help you tackle specific areas or build a comprehensive VoC program from the ground up.

Does this program have industry or regional limitations?

No! Our program is industry-agnostic and works well for Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, Automotive, Tech, and more. We can also handle various distribution models (Retail, Wholesale, Online, Contact Centers) and operate globally across Europe, China, APAC, SEA, Americas, and the Middle East.

Is this program purely reliant on design, or can we choose to only recieve expert recommendations?

Our approach is bespoke to the needs of the brand. It can range from a list of recommendation to a full strategy and program design.

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