The World’s Most Iconic Shopping Destinations


Shopping is more than a necessity for luxury consumers. Shopping is a way of life. Carefully selecting and investing in timeless pieces and items that act as an extension and representation of their identity and sense of self, where shoppers buy is just as important as what they buy. Opting to spend time in luxurious locations surrounded by gold-standard service is expected of the entire shopping experience; therefore, brands must provide personalized client services led by knowledgeable, insightful, and passionate staff.

This year, from the work we’ve done with our clients, we thought to ourselves, ‘instead of just assessing the how, why don’t we also look at the where?’ not to rank these iconic destinations in terms of quality, but to serve as a deeper look into why luxury shoppers would choose a shopping destination over another based on their Experience.

Collecting over a year and a half of data, we included 50 major luxury shopping malls and streets, covering six iconic luxury shopping locations in North America, 6 in Europe, 5 in MEIA, 8 in China, and 24 in Asia. We analyzed over 16,000 client feedback in total, with each location including a minimum of 100 covering fashion, watches and jewelry, cosmetics and perfume, and home appliance brands. 

Predominantly using the Advocacy Index, our CXG proprietary metric to measure Client Experience, which asks the question: “based on your experience with the Associate, how likely are you to recommend this boutique to a colleague or a friend?” we rank feedback from Ill-mouthers to Ambassadors.

Similar to the well-known NPS methodology, but without using a numerical scale that can invite unclear and differing perceptions, the Advocacy Index uses statements to reduce cultural bias. From there, we also measured the word-of-mouth quality by taking seven soft skills sales advisors ideally possess:  friendliness, helpfulness, proactivity, sincerity, care, expertise, and passion.

The results of our research suggest that globally, retailers that successfully leverage positive attitudes and focus on improving their interactions with their customers result in iconic status. This proves, once again, that products should not be solely relied on to cater to consumer satisfaction. The Customer Experience that brands offer guests is heavily linked to attributes and themes that are in the hands of client advisors.

That brings us to our bottom-line question: where in the world is leading the race for superior Customer Experience in luxury? We’ve got the answers!

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