How Covid Changed Customer Experience


Christophe Caïs, founder and CEO of CXG, joins Denise Silber, co-host of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneur Invites series, for a special podcast on CX. In this episode, you will have the opportunity to explore the significant changes triggered by COVID and the new customer experience expectations for retail brands, in particular the phygital brands who are actively present on both physical and digital channels.

More than ever, customer experience must be consistent and seamless across the entire omnichannel journey.

Observing and monitoring CX in an omnichannel environment has to be done correctly, using the correct methods and approaches, in order to collect accurate CX insights and take corrective actions when needed.

With the popular Voice of Customer programs out there, brands often adopt methodologies that don’t give them the full picture. They end up bypassing important segments of their customers, or collecting polarized data that can create bias. In order to truly build a customer-centric business, every organization needs to understand the important touchpoints in their journeys, to prioritize and select the right methodologies to use.

Some of the topics addressed in the podcast

  • How COVID is transforming organizations
  • The importance to focus your efforts on a special “emotional signature” for your brand
  • The value of seamless omnichannel experiences across the entire customer journey
  • How to move from a transactional model to a relationship model
  • How you could fall in the trap of collecting CX data from the wrong segments
  • The future of luxury within the metaverse

Interested to learn more? Check the podcast link below and enjoy!

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