Training Teams To Deliver Livestream VIP Experiences

The Case of a Fashion and Accessories Brand in China


The Context 
The Digital Transformation: Introducing the Livestream Experience

As part of their strategic initiative to reinvent customer experiences, the client sought to cultivate a fresh VVIP livestream shopping format that would be symbiotic with the brand’s ethos. The aim was not merely to blend in with the current digital retail climate, but to stand out, offering a unique customer experience that aligned with the brand’s identity and core values.

Driven by the evolving consumer landscape, the client envisioned this project as an avenue to capture new opportunities, expand sales channels, and increase the brand’s visibility across multiple social media platforms.

CXG Support  

The Hybrid Approach: Diagnosis, Solution Design, and Training

The project started with a comprehensive diagnosis, entailing an analysis of competitors’ livestream strategies and interviews conducted across three of the client’s stores. The goal was to garner a deep understanding of the market’s current livestreaming practices and identify potential opportunities for differentiation.

The next step was a gap analysis, conducted in collaboration with the client’s headquarters and local market teams. This process involved defining critical livestream touchpoints and developing relevant metrics for evaluation. We chose to measure these through online Customer Experience Evaluations (CXE).

During the Solution Design phase, we incorporated a mixed methodology approach leveraging market trends, new retail business insights, and role-playing of livestreaming scenarios to devise a robust strategy. The strategy was designed to ensure the solution was both innovative and reflective of industry best practices.

To operationalize this solution, the final stages involved intensive training over two days, which incorporated offline training modules, pre-work, and video livestreaming follow-ups. To ensure the successful implementation of our strategies, we also conducted additional follow-up sessions for sales champions.

The Outcome 
Delivering Unmatched VIP Livestream Shopping Experiences

CXG successfully crafted a tailor-made format for the brand’s VIP livestream shopping experience. This unique format was developed to offer an exclusive shopping experience, aimed at fostering deep connections between the brand and its customers.

We also identified potential top sales advisors, capable of managing the live stream and delivering VIP experiences. This pool of talent is integral to ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality, personalized experiences that the brand’s customers have come to expect.

Lastly, a pragmatic action plan was created for selected boutiques, to further enhance the experiences delivered through their digital channels. This strategy encompasses a variety of tactics designed to optimize the brand’s digital presence and strengthen customer relationships, ensuring that the VIP livestream shopping experience is not just a momentary trend, but a sustainable growth lever for the brand.

In Conclusion

The Power of Exclusivity in the Digital Landscape

This project has demonstrated that through a judicious blend of innovative strategy, market insights, and meticulous training, brands can redefine their digital shopping experiences, cater to the evolving needs of consumers, and drive business growth in an increasingly digital age. 

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