Drop Anonymity for a Powerful Benchmark


Since our inception 15 years ago, we have always treated the customer experience data that we collect on behalf of our partner brands with the highest level of confidentiality, reinforcing policies and procedures to make sure we deliver flawlessly on this promise.

Created by consolidating CX data across 180+ brands in the luxury and premium retail industry, our robust Top Players benchmark enables brands to compare themselves against their peers and the best-in-class. This benchmark also helps retailers identify the gaps they have yet to fill to deliver a meaningful and impactful customer experience.

To achieve these, our benchmark aggregates the performance of the 5 best brands in three ways:

  • Per industry: luxury and premium fashion, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, lifestyle, and more
  • Per channel: contact center, e-commerce, retail, wholesale, omnichannel
  • Per geography: country, region, or worldwide.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, customer experience has become a key business driver that brands can leverage to weather the pandemic’s consequences. It continues to help brands see the promise of a very strong rebound this year.

In the last quarter of 2020, we approached our clients and conducted a series of 35 interviews with some of their senior brand executives. Our objective was to collect in-depth feedback to find out the best ways we could add more value with our services. One theme that emerged was a general desire to gain more visibility on the best industry players in client experience and key learnings that can be taken from their success.

While our existing benchmark was very much appreciated, the anonymity of the data was an issue. Responding to the general request, we came up with a new approach to remove anonymity from our benchmark.

How does it work?

  • Brands that accept to disclose their name and ranking will receive the non-anonymous top 5 ranking in return, and vice versa.
  • This program is an opt-in program. Brand names will only be shared when there is a signed consent form with the brand.
  • If one of the brands in the top 5 has not agreed to remove their anonymity, their name will be properly blurred out and will not be disclosed. (Ref Exhibit 1)
  • Removing anonymity being a subtle exercise, we decided that the data will only be revealed within the offline reports. This data will strictly not be shared online via social media or any other online channels.

Customer Experience Data & Benchmarks for Your Business

Today, nearly 50 of our clients agreed to drop their anonymity to receive our transparent benchmark. They can now see the brand names of the top 5 players on:

  • Key indices: ACE, Purchase Intention, Relationship Index, Health Index.
  • Across main themes: Be a host, build a connection, inspire, reveal, see long-term.
  • And by product category (e.g. Skin care vs make-up), region, industry segment, channel, and more.

This non-anonymous benchmark provides our clients with tangible and measurable insights that allow them to position themselves against competitors and key players and perform gap analysis to either take corrective actions or quite the opposite, simply celebrate their success!

This is a great opportunity for brands that are successful in their client experience to publicly take credit for it within their industry and position themselves as best in class among their peers.

If you are interested and haven’t dropped your anonymity yet, reach out to your Client Relationship Manager. Be a key player in bringing the industry standards higher, creating healthy competition, and driving service excellence!

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