Data has become a commodity. Interpreting it is the true luxury.


Those who know us well would have heard us often highlight the commoditisation of data and how interpreting and leveraging it to gain competitive advantage is now the true luxury. We at CXG genuinely believe in this maxim and are here to deliver that luxury to our clients and stakeholders.

Most premium brands are now aware of the significance of customer feedback. But with almost every luxury brand proactively collecting such feedback, how, you might ask, could this be a competitive advantage? How does one make sense of everything that customers are saying about their brand? How are brands listening to their customers’ feedback across several touchpoints? What data collection methods are they using? And can luxury brands realistically listen to everything their customers tell them?

These aren’t the only challenges brands face in their quest to interpret the voice of their customer (VoC) and provide an enriched customer experience (CX). Some of the other key challenges that CX leaders face include:

• Lack of tech integration
(Data provided by multiple solution providers cannot be integrated into one dashboard.)
• Data residing in silos and not being shared across different teams
(Different business units leading the data-collection process at different touchpoints tend to store their information in separate locations.)
• Data not analysed to make the premium effect
(One of the biggest and most important challenges is that the data is either not analysed at all or is analysed incorrectly.)

First, break the silos 

Data can potentially provide valuable insights and serve all teams, or more than just one team. Well analysed data provides different actionable insights and must be accessed and leveraged across the organisation to make a real impact. When kept in silos, CX data will not serve the organisation’s desired goal to assess their customers’ needs and priorities. Proper analysis of enterprise-wide data supports CX decision-making and a more holistic view of hidden opportunities — and threats.

We at CXG understand that our premium and luxury brand clients need to work with multiple vendors and across multiple touchpoints to collect VoC CX data.  CXG Connect and CXG App, our proprietary tools are designed to visualise all your VoC insights under one comprehensive dashboard.

Whether collected by CXG, or via third-party tech solutions providers, CXG App (mobile) and CXG Connect (a web dashboard) can integrate with multiple systems and aim at consolidating all your CX data under one single data warehouse coupled to one easy-to-read analytics dashboard.

CXG App being a mobile app allows data to be accessible on the go, providing real-time insights to the frontline and operational teams working on the ground. This organisation-wide accessibility – from the CEO to marketing strategists right down to frontline managers and staff is a huge step to breaking internal analytics silos.

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Next, analyse your data

Research shows that more than 80 percent of all data is unstructured – it is often kept in the dark and unprocessed. Today, less than 1 percent of all data is effectively analysed, leaving a vast majority of precious information lying unattended in spreadsheets. Interpreting data and CX insights can be tricky, and not just because of inconsistencies in data gathered through multiple touchpoints and methods.

Many brands face a data paradox, a stage when people and processes are overwhelmed by the amount of information and struggle to use the data effectively. Even when using time-tested survey-based measurement systems such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), few teams have a blueprint to successfully convert this treasure trove of information into actionable insights and competitive advantage. Store managers receive client feedback daily. How many are effectively equipped with the skillset needed to turn this information into action with their teams of advisors?

Having worked with more than 200 luxury labels across the world over the past 15 years, CXG is uniquely positioned to support brands as they transition towards data-driven insight and action. Our team of data scientists and luxury experts are equipped to offer end-to-end support in a brand’s CX journey. From designing appropriate data collection methods (in-store evaluations, digital surveys, social listening, web scraping, research, etc.) to identifying and prioritising touchpoints across their journey (in-store, online, social media, contact centres, etc.), CXG helps brands with CX strategies to translate the real voice of their customers.

CXG’s Academy Practice works at designing specific training modules for frontline team managers (boutique managers, contact centre managers, retail managers) and help them leverage on client feedback, communicate it to their teams and most importantly close the loop with customers who shared feedback.

No matter how complicated the data, CXG’s specialists help interpret it and turn it into actionable insights. Our experts support a range of solutions under CXG’s VoC program, including client surveys (CXG Pulse), in-store/omnichannel evaluations (CXE), and visualisation solutions and analytics (CXG Connect & App). CXG’s seasoned consultants and analysts scrutinise every data point to offer simple yet comprehensive reports to help luxury brands understand their insights, turn them into action plans, and gain a competitive edge.

Finally, feel the Pulse

Collect, visualise, analyse, act. Simply put, that’s all there is to a brand’s CX journey. At CXG, we offer everything you’ll need to build a powerful VoC program. ​We recently added CXG Pulse to our suite of solutions under the VoC program, addressing some of the critical challenges luxury brands face in their CX journey.


CXG Pulse is a customer voice survey software that allows our clients to run different customer satisfaction surveys, including NPS, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). An easy-to-setup and flexible survey platform, CXG Pulse can seamlessly integrate with any existing CRM system. Thanks to our global expertise and presence, CXG Pulse fully complies with all international data and personal data protection laws, including the EU’s GDPR, China’s PIPL, and the US’ HIPAA.

The robust and safe platform can push customer-voice feedback surveys through QR, SMS, email, app and web intercepts, WeChat, and WhatsApp. It has a powerful interface with CRM systems to help organisations understand and transform how they engage with their customers.​ CXG Pulse is a one-stop solution for all your CX transformation needs, from collecting and aggregating to visualising and interpreting data-driven insights.

Survey-based measurement systems have long served as benchmarks for customer-experience performance. In today’s ecosystem, where data has been commoditised, luxury brands need the power of analytics to unlock real value and need to empower their teams to act upon these feedbacks. Data-driven insights are powering superior CX, and significant competitive advantages are in store for brands that don’t just hear but listen to and act upon their customers’ voices.

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