Beyond the Desk: Meet CXG’s Digital Nomads!


Forget cubicles. Imagine waking up to the sunrise over the view of a sandy beach, then logging on to help shape the future of luxury brands’ customer experience at a global company. That’s the reality at CXG: The office is wherever the Wi-Fi is.

With over 240 team members spanning continents, at CXG, we celebrate the dissolution of borders, embracing a working model that cherishes flexibility, autonomy, and the vibrant tapestry of global cultures. Our team members, whether rooted in their home countries, in the heart of metropolitan cities, or in remote beach paradises, thrive under the hybrid and remote work models we champion.

For some adventurous souls, the digital nomad lifestyle beckons, offering the chance to explore the world while excelling in their roles. This diverse approach to work fosters a vibrant and connected team, united by a passion for innovation and a commitment to success. Let’s dive in and discover the unique experiences and benefits our digital nomad team members enjoy.

A Blend of Work and Wanderlust: Meet Alexandra (Sasha) Kan

Our Engagement and Senior Growth Manager, Sasha Kan personifies the digital nomad ethos, living the dream of integrating travel opportunities and personal growth with professional excellence. From the architectural marvels of Dubai to the timeless streets of Paris, Sasha’s journey is a testament to the limitless potential of the remote work model. Her perspective shines through: “I get to do what I love for the past 9 years and counting while also exploring the world… Being exposed to different places, people, and traditions constantly inspires me with new ideas.”

Sasha’s story perfectly exemplifies the happiness and fulfillment this lifestyle can bring. Like many digital nomads, she highlights the direct correlation between employee happiness and talent retention.
Sasha’s experience also highlights the importance of flexibility and planning in the digital nomad lifestyle. For those considering a digital nomad lifestyle, she recommends embracing challenges positively. Flights might get delayed, internet connections might be unreliable, and plans might always only go according to schedule. However, these unexpected hiccups often lead to unforgettable stories and personal growth.

Finding Joy in Change: Meet Pieter Honig

Our VP of Data Science, Pieter Honig discovered that changing locales could supercharge productivity and joy. Adapting his work schedule to different time zones and staying in diverse locales, Pieter exemplifies maintaining a solid work ethic alongside a passion for travel. He says: Depending on my time zone, I either start my workday very early or in the afternoon… I usually stay between 1 and 3 months in one place, which gives me enough time to explore the region.”  This approach offers a blueprint for balancing the dynamism of travel with career demands, emphasizing connectivity and local insights in choosing each destination.

While Pieter acknowledges the challenge of a constantly evolving schedule, he advises those embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle to conduct thorough research while choosing a nomad-friendly location with reliable internet and a conducive work environment: “When selecting a place, I always check online what other Nomads have experienced, what the best location is to work from in a country, and most importantly, the quality of the internet.”

Prioritizing Well-Being and Success: Meet Andrea Leonel

Achieving a healthy work-life balance can feel like a constant struggle for many. However, our CX Analyst Andrea Leonel highlights how the digital nomad lifestyle empowers her to prioritize personal well-being and professional success.
The trust Andrea receives from her managers allows her to “prioritize [her] personal life when needed” while also “deep diving into work when [she’s] most productive.”  This flexibility fosters a sense of ownership and control over her schedule, a critical factor in achieving work-life balance.

However, Andrea also offers a crucial point: “Make realistic plans to enjoy your trips and the places you’re seeing, but make sure the plan prioritizes the focus on your job. Additionally, building trust-based relationships with your managers is crucial.” Maintaining a commitment to your work and building solid relationships with your colleagues, even remotely, is essential for a successful and fulfilling digital nomad experience.

The evolution of remote work and digital nomadism is not just changing where we work but how we work and live. At CXG, we are dedicated to a work culture that values flexibility, innovation, and personal fulfillment. At CXG, it isn’t just about remote work; it’s about creating a sustainable, fulfilling, and boundless work experience for everyone, fostering a more inclusive, balanced, and productive global work environment brimming with possibilities.

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