From “Problem Finders” to “Problem Solvers”
Close the gap from knowing to doing with our CXE Activation Workshops.

No More Just Problem Finders

Our CXE program has helped you unearth insights that deepened your understanding of the customer experience. It’s now time to break mindset barriers and expedite your CX transformation. Accelerate the adoption of your CXE program to its fullest, and morph your team into client-centric champions. We’re here to arm your teams with the necessary knowledge to swiftly act on every revelation.


Become the Ultimate Problem Solvers

Embrace CXE as a building block, not a stumbling stone. It’s time for a mindset shift. Transition from merely spotting gaps to proactively filling them. We guide your managers in crafting a potent CX Action Plan. With our program, we induct your team into the world of CXE, empowering and enabling them to use this tool confidently and effectively.


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CXE Activation Workshops: Your Blueprint to Success

Our Activation Workshops serve as a conduit for your team’s CXE growth, transforming theory into impactful practice. Explore the following key components of our workshops, designed to ensure your success and transform your CX strategy.


Engage and commit fully to the CXE program.


Overcome resistance and barriers to new tools.


Interpret, analyze, and communicate results effectively.


Turn your customer experience insights into immediate wins.


Cultivate an emotionally rich customer experience and customer-centric mindset.


Leverage CX results with a straightforward, potent methodology.

Partner with Us and Let’s Solve Together!

As your steadfast partners, we are “glocally” renowned with a robust global footprint while understanding local nuances. With a track record of working with over 200 premium and luxury brands worldwide, our seasoned CXG Academy trainers, experts in both mindset shift and CX measurement, are at your disposal to facilitate these workshops. Trust us, your CXE provider, with years of experience in CX measurement and training.

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