Store Concept Optimization
When developing a new store concept, it’s crucial for luxury brands to assess impact before rolling it out on a larger scale. That’s where we come in.

By measuring the impact of a new store concept, we help your brand answer key questions about store navigation, cold zones, visual display, storytelling and more.


Store Concept Optimization: Your Brand’s Key to Retail Excellence

Store environment significantly influences the customer experience. Key elements, such as ease of navigation, product visibility, and digital tool integration, not only impact sales but also reflect the brand’s values and personality. For luxury brands, ensuring the effectiveness of a new store concept is essential before broad implementation. This involves answering crucial questions about in-store navigation, customer interaction with various elements, staff support, and the store’s alignment with the intended brand positioning.


Creating Impactful Store Concepts: Here’s How We Do It

To properly optimize the store concept, we gather feedback from two complimentary sources by assessing customer perception and analyzing team views.

In assessing customer perception, we gain insights on the store environment, merchandising elements, and how well they communicate the intended brand positioning. This is done using store intercepts and accompanied shopping.

Complimentarily, by analyzing team views, we speak with your client-facing teams who are well placed to provide an insider’s view about customers’ feedback. It also allows us to gain perspective on how the new store environment and tools support your client-facing teams in delivering memorable and outstanding CX, and what the potential constraints are.

The collected data is then compiled into a consolidated report, offering key recommendations on what to improve, remove, and what to locally adjust based on different store location requirements.


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