Improve your EX for exceptional CX.

Consistently gauge your frontline teams’ employee experience with our Voice of the Team program.

In a luxury or premium brand, the experience your customers have is directly linked to the performance of your frontline teams. That’s why it’s essential to have a Voice of the Team (VoT) program in place. By giving your employees a voice and listening to their feedback, you can identify pain points and frustrations that may be impacting their engagement and performance with your customers. Our VoT program empowers your frontline teams, ultimately improving the experience your customers are receiving.

By understanding the gaps that exist between your teams’ performance and your expectations, you can take the appropriate actions to address these needs, and create a more engaged, productive, and customer-centric workforce. With our VoT program, we help you uncover valuable insights that in-turn help maximize revenue, assess engagement by region, position, and tenure, and identify local insights to improve your brand’s CX.

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