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Many brands see the NPS (Net Promoter Score) metric as the pinnacle of customer experience, but a surprising number haven’t equipped their frontline teams to harness this feedback effectively. Is your team among them? Transforming feedback into actionable insights is the key to superior customer experience! Our NPS activation workshops are the bridge between understanding your NPS results and truly harnessing them.


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NPS Activation Workshop Modules

Our NPS Activation Workshops are specifically designed to increase team engagement with your NPS program, empowering your frontline managers (store managers, customer service managers) to build comprehensive action plans and coaching activities for client-facing teams. Our workshops are divided into three modules, presented in an either phsyical, or remote setting.



Initiate frontline management teams into the NPS program and empower frontline managers to onboard their client-facing teams effectively.



Delve deeper into the NPS results, enabling frontline managers to communicate findings and implement strategic operational actions effectively.


Close the Loop

Equip client-facing teams with the skills to address unsatisfied clients and negative feedback, reconnecting with a positive and constructive approach.

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As your steadfast partners, we are “glocally” renowned with a robust global footprint while understanding local nuances. With a track record of working with over 200 premium and luxury brands worldwide, our seasoned CXG Academy trainers, experts in both mindset shift and CX measurement, are at your disposal to facilitate these workshops. Trust us, your CX partner, with years of experience in CX measurement and training.

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