Beyond Traditional Mystery Shopping: A Deep Dive into CXE

You’ve invested in developing unique client experiences and in training your client-facing teams. It’s now time to measure effectiveness and if the desired client experience is being delivered to create the conversion and loyalty you’re aiming for. This is where our Customer Experience Evaluation (CXE) Program stands out.
The CXE Program is not just another mystery shopping initiative; it’s an evolved, nuanced approach specially designed for luxury brands. This is what has made us the popular and, dare we say the only choice, among premium and luxury brands. Rather than a rudimentary check-box exercise, we delve into the depth of customer emotions, understanding their journey with your brand.

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In today’s world where luxury is not just a product but an experience, understanding the emotions and sentiments of customers is paramount.

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Retail Strategy Consultant

“I’m thrilled to help sales advisors & managers become star hosts. I inspire teams to excel, enhancing the in-store experience. Seeing efficient, empathetic & performance-driven customer service is truely rewarding1.”

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Helene Salvini Fujita1 Expertise:

I’m a Retail Excellence Coach who believes in reaching understanding and agreement through constructive interactions. My competences include1:

  • – Languages: French, Japanese English, and conversational Mandarin
  • – Treatment & sale to UHNWI / VIP customers
  • – Brand identity building
  • – Event operations management

No More Just Problem Finders

Our CXE program has helped you unearth insights that deepened your understanding of the customer experience. It’s now time to break mindset barriers and expedite your CX transformation. Accelerate the adoption of your CXE program to its fullest, uncover hidden tactics, and morph your team into client-centric champions. We’re here to arm your teams with the necessary knowledge to swiftly act on every revelation.

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